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The Fastest Response Trauma Cleaning Company in Arizona

Every company in Arizona providing crime scene cleanup, trauma clean up and suicide scene cleanup collects biohazard waste which is classified for medical waste disposal. In Arizona, to transport biohazards from a trauma scene, the company should have a Biohazardous Transport License from ADEQ as well as a Waste Hauler Permit in Maricopa County. Most suicide cases are committed on the bed, which leaves bedding, clothing, and mattresses contaminated with bodily fluids and blood. Police, the fire department, and the medical examiner will roll up sheets, blankets and any clothing from the area of the deceased. Typically, there is a significant pile of stained and contaminated items from where the deceased is removed from the scene. The health risk here is high. There are bloodborne pathogens at every scene and usually there has been enough foot traffic that has cross-contaminated larger areas that include anywhere from the bedroom to the front door.  

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste can include a variety of materials. Each one is generated and disposed of in specific ways. At trauma scenes, if the paramedics were there to assist someone who had some type of injury, they typically will leave blood-soaked material that is contaminated such as gloves, towels, used syringes, and several types of blood-soaked gauze. Pathological waste includes the tissues, organs, body parts and fluids which can even potentially infect others through contact. These materials must be treated as infectious regardless of the source. The material needs to be sorted, contained, and must be disposed of properly through a licensed medical waste transport company. To understand how to best eliminate risks of infection or hazards, one must also be aware of the Arizona Medical Biohazard Waste Laws and OSHA requirements. Our expertise allows us to handle all types of medical biohazards, from workplace accidents to suicide cleanups.

What is Considered Medical Waste in a Biohazard Cleanup?

Biohazard cleanup involves cleaning, sanitizing, and decontaminating areas where a death, suicide, or unattedneded death accured. Every trauma cleanup that involves accidents, injury or death will produce some biomedical waste. Removing biohazards often means blood, bodily fluids and sometimes body parts. Any items that have blood or bodily fluids are placed into bio red bags for medical waste disposal

When it comes to bodily fluid cleanup, specialized training is required. PPE alone is not enough of a precaution to perform this type of cleanup. We spend a lot of time expertly training our staff on how to clean up a bloodied scene and dispose of hazardous waste in full compliance. Fluids like blood, saliva, vomit, urine, and others pose a tremendous health risk. Without training and safety protocols, you could end up being liable for causing a severe illness to one of your employees or family members. The exposure to serious viruses or diseases is real and not to be taken lightly.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions Remediates Death Scenes

If you found a loved one who has passed away (unattended death) or a suicide, you need to call a professional biohazard cleaning company. Let Trauma Cleanup Solutions provide an expert cleanup of every type of biohazard or traumatic death scene. The risks of a family member trying to perform a death scene cleanup safely is not likely. The risk is not worth it. 

If a coworker had an accident and there was loss of blood, the owner, supervisor or manager should call a biohazard cleanup company to mitigate the workplace accident. Asking an employee to try a blood cleanup in a workplace accident is setting you and your business up for a lawsuit. Call us and we will restore the work area for all your employees. 

The specific nature of biohazardous material is why strict laws are in place regarding medical waste disposal in Arizona. These policies and procedures are to protect the safety and health of employees, patients and visitors in a workplace where dangerous materials are present. 

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is available 24/7 to assist with removal and disinfection of biohazardous medical waste in Arizona. If you are looking for routine sharps pickup services, or other regulated biohazardous medical services, please call our sister company Innovative Medical Waste Solutions.

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