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Death Scene Cleanup in Arizona

When we get a call that there has been a death discovery in a home or business, we respond quickly. Our goal is to get onsite as fast as possible to start the death cleanup process which usually also means it’s a start to the healing process for the family. Our professionals will meet onsite and use appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) to conduct a full assessment of the biohazard scene and inspect other areas for cross-contamination. Keep in mind, a lot of foot traffic in the home usually means the biohazard contaminants have been spread throughout the home or business. Trauma Cleanup Solutions understands this is a very emotional and sad time for the family. That’s why we are ranked the number one death cleanup company in Arizona. 

First Steps in Death Cleanup

The first step in the overall process of any death cleanup is to do a full assessment of the trauma scene and determine the best way to clean up the entire impacted area. One of the first decisions our technicians make at the site is what to clean and what would need to be labeled as hazardous waste and disposed of. We must also determine how we package and handle the contaminated (non-cleanable) items for removal. This decision is quite involved. The question becomes not only can an item be cleaned, but should an item be cleaned. The next step is determining how we can completely clean and decontaminate the item. At that time, decision-making is difficult. Maybe it’s a cherished item the family really wants. We always consider both financial and emotional value of items when we are doing suicide cleanup. Our technicians will always give the family options on household items before it’s discarded. The biggest determining factor is whether the object is porous, semi porous or nonporous.

Cleaning Methods at a Death Scene

Effective cleaning is a major task of technicians working at every death cleanup site. This would include unattended death and undiscovered death cleanup — all considered under biohazard cleanup site protocols. The actual work is often overlooked in favor of some form of chemical biocidal action, which is instant decontamination when sprayed and “just kills everything.” Actually “killing” microorganisms starts with cleaning. Significant amounts of contamination should be physically removed before applying any type of biocide because biocides can be neutralized. We only use government-approved products whereas the labels specify that biocides be applied to “previously cleaned” surfaces. Labels for every product we use provide manufacturers’ directions to achieve the best results. Dwell time is another important factor because the chemical agent is breaking down blood and bodily fluids for safe recovery and medical waste disposal.

Death Cleaning Requires Expert Visual Inspection

Technicians will often move items and contents to inspect for further contaminants. We see many variables whether it’s suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, or maybe an accidental fall with blood discharge. The cleanup area is usually larger than first seen. Unfortunately, family members will visualize the death scene as “just a small area,” when in fact our trained experts will oftentimes see a much larger area of impact and contamination. The death cleaning and decontamination process consists of multiple steps and must be performed meticulously, in a specific order, with predetermined commercial chemicals. The cleaning process starts after all visible contamination has been removed and placed in bio red bags. Then we can clean the remaining surfaces. This is typically a seven-step process, and sometimes some steps need to be repeated to effectively remove biohazard contamination from the entire scene. Decontamination of a biohazard, blood, and bodily fluid scene is no easy task. This is NOT a do-it-yourself job. The risks of a substandard job or not having the required PPE can be life-changing. A death cleanup not done right will certainly have repercussions down the road. Sometimes this leads to more structured removal of flooring, subfloor and sheetrock. This is not the type of work where you really want the lowest bidder. Once they are done, they won’t be back for corrective action. We stand by every job we do. Our customers’ 100% satisfaction is our pledge to you.

If you have experienced a death in your home or at your property, calling Trauma Cleanup Solutions is the best choice for death cleanup in Arizona. Trauma Cleanup Solutions is available 24/7 to assist you through the death cleanup process.

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