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After Death Cleanup Services in Arizona

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, our goal is to provide solutions for after death cleanup in Arizona. We pride ourselves on assisting you during the challenges ahead. 

Our technicians are prepared 24/7 to handle any death cleanup service you may need. We will safely and effectively organize the death cleanup process. After all, we are considered experts in death cleanup. 

We will provide you with the solutions you need and the service level you deserve. Our staff is capable and experienced in after death property cleanup in Arizona.

Why Trauma Cleanup Solutions is The Best Choice for Death Cleanup in Arizona

Trauma Cleanup Solutions has an exceptional history of providing high quality after death cleanup solutions. Our staff is versatile and will accomplish the removal of all the hazards associated with the death of a loved one.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is a preferred resource for many police and fire agencies along with other government offices. Additionally, we are a preferred insurance carrier contractor specializing in death cleanup services.

Why it’s Important You Choose a Preferred After Death Cleanup Vendor

In many cases, your homeowners’ insurance policy will provide coverage for property cleanup after a death in Arizona. This is why our team at Trauma Cleanup Solutions has spent time ensuring we provide fair and accurate pricing. Our team will draft an invoice that provides line items with insurance coding to ensure the insurance company gets all the documentation they require.

Calling an inexperienced death cleanup company can result in insurance payment denial and leaving you responsible for payment.

When you call Trauma Cleanup Solutions, you can rest assured that we will always work directly with your insurance. We have found that this lowers the potential for an inexperienced adjuster to mention something that could be mistaken for rude, ultimately upsetting the client.

Why DIY Death Cleanup Should Not Be Attempted

Finding a loved one who has passed away is a traumatic experience to say the least. During the emotional turmoil you’re facing, you may think you need to clean up the blood or bodily fluids from the death. As a certified biohazard cleanup company, the staff at Trauma Cleanup Solutions highly advises against this. Not only is it dangerous, it will carry memories that will likely be traumatic.

Additionally, after death cleanup has been performed, there will likely be residual odors. This can pose further complications as certain odors require additional treatment. Furthermore, treating the odors could need specialized equipment to clean the air.

You can Google and YouTube search almost anything today. However, this is not the type of work that can be explained via the internet. Cleanup after a death is something that should be done by professionals who have training and experience.

What if My Property is Hoarded and Needs Death Cleanup?

This is a scenario Trauma Cleanup Solutions encounters on a frequent basis. This is a term that is often referred to as an unattended death as people suffering from a hoarding disorder often live alone. This scenario poses multiple hazards outside of what is considered normal, such as a suicide cleanup.

In addition to hoarding disorder becoming more frequent, the death associated with hoarded properties is also on the rise. At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we will always provide you with multiple solutions for all death related cleanup services.

In some cases, because the insurance company will cover the death cleanup, we can potentially get a portion of the hoarded items removed under the policy. However, the remaining financial responsibility would be that of the family.

The Trauma Cleanup Solutions Difference

The after death cleanup industry has grown substantially over the last couple of years, especially after COVID-19. While many companies have come and gone, the one constant has been Trauma Cleanup Solutions. We will always provide the best possible after death cleanup services in Arizona. Our technicians are not only experienced in biohazard mitigation and biohazard cleanup, but they also understand the tragedy associated with death.

Our mission is always the same —provide honest solutions to real problems. We will always provide a no-cost evaluation, free on-site assessment, and a letter of completion. The professional staff at Trauma Cleanup Solutions will arrive prepared to handle any scene, any time. Give us a call today for more information!

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