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Proper Steps in Bodily Fluid & Blood Cleanup Sun City AZ 

*The information contained in the article is for reference only. We do not recommend this be a “do it yourself” type of job. Anyone handling blood & body fluids without training will risk contracting unwanted pathogens, viruses and bacteria. 

This article is posted for REFERENCE ONLY. This is a condensed version of professional protocols for blood & bodily fluids cleanup. Our biohazard cleanup process was developed to exceed the IICRC S540 and OSHA CFR1910.1030 standards. Our technicians are highly trained blood cleanup specialists. Trauma Cleanup Solutions will always strive for perfection. 

Biohazardous Blood & Bodily Fluids 

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is known for proper procedures for cleanup, decontamination, and disposal of blood & bodily fluids in Arizona. Bodily fluids are defined as blood, feces, urine, vomit, saliva, semen, vaginal secretions, and any other fluids that originate from a human body. All body fluids can potentially carry infectious agents. Exposure to any bodily fluids from a family death scene can be dangerous without necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment.  

Our supervisors will assess the blood spill and the entire area of contamination to determine a bodily fluid cleanup protocol. The onsite supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all personnel involved in a dead body cleanup are supplied with the appropriate PPE and that it is worn during the cleanup, disinfection, and disposal procedure. Safety is always our top priority in every after-death cleanup. 

Commercial and Business Workplace Accidents 

If we are working in a commercial, business, or a public building area, we will ensure that the excess blood loss cleanup procedure is clearly posted.  We want to protect your staff or the general public from exposure of bloodborne pathogens. Whenever we encounter a blood cleanup scene, we will advise the homeowner or business owner of the many potential risks of being too close to the scene. We will supply our staff safely and efficiently with all the PPE, disinfectant, and commercial-grade decontamination chemicals to expertly mitigate the entire area. Each technician is responsible for wearing certified PPE and following procedures for blood cleanup, disinfection and disposal. 

Death Cleanup

Death Cleanup Procedures: Following IICRC S540 and OSHA CFR1910.1030 standards, we determine PPE requirements based on the size and characterization of the contaminated area. A large spill of body fluids, such as a raw sewage leak that has an elevated risk of splash potential, requires waterproof gloves (rubber, nitrile, etc.,) rubber boots, waterproof Tyvek coveralls or suit, and mucous membrane protection that includes goggles and a dust mask. Smaller areas with body fluids and blood still include a risk of splashing. Minimum PPE requirements include waterproof gloves (rubber, nitrile, etc.) and mucous membrane protection with goggles and a dust mask. Protective clothing such as boots and coveralls may be worn depending on the size and potential for splashing during cleanup. Dried body fluids or  exceedingly small areas such as dried blood or blood from a mild nosebleed, which have a minimal risk of splashing require wearing water-proof gloves (rubber, nitrile, etc.) at a minimum. Other PPE may be worn depending on the specific bodily fluids present resulting from an undiscovered death.  

Deceased Human Clean up 

We have developed a blood and bodily fluid cleanup process that is strictly followed by our technicians. This includes capturing and complete disposal of all blood and bodily fluids from a death scene.

While death cleanup scenes are all very different, large or small blood contaminated areas with splash potential, you must first use absorbent material to soak up and contain liquid biohazards with absorbent powder/ paper towels. Pour disinfectant directly onto material to disinfect. We use the best sanitizing and disinfectants available; most have a dwell time to effectively work, 15 minutes is sufficient in most instances to disinfect. Other disinfectants may be used as long as the label lists that it kills a broad spectrum of human infectious agents. After the blood and body fluid material is collected and placed into a Red biohazard bag or red container lined with bio red bags, you can spray additional disinfectant on the area of spill to complete disinfection. Then wipe up with paper towels and dispose in a red biohazard bag. Other sanitizers and disinfectants may be used as long as the label lists that it kills a broad spectrum of human infectious agents. Our training includes teaching techs to always read these labels and be familiar with the directions for use and expiration dates of the disinfectant. 

Basic Hygiene & Accidental Exposures:

Our technicians use the most comprehensive plan to maintain a higher level of decontamination of themselves and reusable tools. We wash hands with soap and warm water immediately after removal of gloves and other PPE.

Lastly, if you, a loved one, or your employer needs professional blood and bodily fluid cleanup in Arizona, Trauma Cleanup Solutions is the best choice. 

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