At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we provide professional biohazard,  trauma and crime scene cleanup services to families, employers, and communities. Providing Honest Solutions to Real Problems

Michaela Barber
Michaela Barber
26 September 2023
Patrick was so helpful and accommodating when cleaning out my vehicle. I appreciate him for coming to do the work and checking on me and my family. I 10/10 recommended he is such a nice guy and very understanding. I find his pricing was affordable and happy to have found him.
18 September 2023
Patrick was awesome! We flew in from out of state for just a few days to schedule cleanup and sanitation of an unexpected event. Patrick came over immediately after we called! He assessed the situation and began the process. He and his team worked efficiently and thoroughly, while explaining everything that was being done. I would emphatically recommend Patrick and Cleanup Solutions!
Casey Weatherbee
Casey Weatherbee
16 September 2023
Patrick and team were amazing. Very sensitive to the situation and was able to work quickly to perform the cleanup. All I had to do was file a claim with my insurance and give Trauma Cleanup Solutions contact info to the claim adjuster. Patrick took care if the rest. I am very grateful that I chose Trauma Cleanup Solutions for my situation.
Mitchell Corwin
Mitchell Corwin
30 August 2023
Patrick is prompt and helpful, and his clear communication and quick turnaround was much appreciated!
Anahi Correa
Anahi Correa
31 May 2023
I want to start out by saying 5 stars does not do Trauma Cleanup Solutions and Patrick justice. The compassion, kindness and professionalism was outstanding. When an emergency situation occured in my home and my family member was rushed to the hospital all I could think about was making sure they were okay. Nevertheless, the reality of the aftermath hit when I came back home and saw the mess that ensued as a result of the emergency situation. I didn't know what to do but turn to Google. Out of the many companies listed Patrick was the first to answer and was in my home assessing the situation before I even received a call back from other companies. I highly recommend his services. You hope you may never need services like the ones Patrick provides but the reality is, unexpected events happen and when they do occur turn to Trauma Cleanup Soultions. You will not be disappointed.
Cyndi Luke
Cyndi Luke
27 May 2023
I cannot recommend Patrick and his services enough. Patrick was so kind and respectful during a very difficult situation for my family and me. He worked with us to ensure the situation was handled efficiently and with care. He is patient and understanding and provides excellent services to grieving families.
Janet Brown
Janet Brown
11 May 2023
This is definitely something that you don’t want to ever have to think about, but I called Patrick for a friend of mine who needed this type of service. He was so efficient and so professional. I also appreciate that he works with the grieving family so as to not cause further stress after a traumatic experience. I truly recommend his services!
Dennis West
Dennis West
19 April 2023
Fast and reliable. Great communication and helpful with insurance. I would recommend them and they are at the top of my address book.
Alisha Marsh
Alisha Marsh
23 March 2023
A google search that I never thoought I would need. There was so much information being given to me and I was at a loss. When I reached out to Patrick, it was like he lifted a huge weight from me. He is not just supportive, empathetic and knowledgeable, his services exceed and are registered with all AZ codes guidlines, which is crucial for this unfortunate situation. Patrick was quick, great communication and thourough. I highly recommend him and his company to help you through this time. Well worth it so that I was not reliving the trauma by doing it alone.
IfYouKnow YouKnow
IfYouKnow YouKnow
3 January 2023
I cannot say enough good things about Patrick and this company. If you are someone who finds yourself in a situation involving tragedy or experienced a traumatic event that requires these types of services, this is the only company you will want to work with. Patrick showed up quickly and his level of professionalism cannot be described in simple words. Compassion and consideration of the human condition are such important factor if a person experiences tragedy involving trauma. When Patrick met with me, I was in a deep state of shock and grief, and he understood what that meant without me needing to verbalize anything. He was kind and compassionate, he walked me through the steps of contacting my insurance company and telling me how exactly I might want to explain details that were incredibly difficult to say out loud. He brought in an energy of care that felt like I had a family member holding my hand. The value of that is priceless. The job itself was completed same day. He worked with me when the insurance company moved slowly, never once hounding me or making me feel pressured about payment, just letting things run their course and trusting the process. He was mindful and considerate of my time, working with me around hospital visits and other advocating I needed to do on my loved ones behalf during this time. I hope with all my heart that no one needs services such as this, but if you find yourself in such a position, there is no one you can trust more than this company. I am eternally grateful for Patrick and his crew. This is important work.
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What We Do

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we specialize in Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup. Our services are provided to families that may have had a death or accident and need blood or bodily fluids cleanup. 


Who We Help

Our goal is to work with the family’s homeowners’ insurance policy to try and minimize the financial burden for our clients during their time of need. These cleanups can become very costly and hazardous if performed by an untrained family member or company.

Why Choose Us

Many companies use inadequate chemicals and processes due to their lack of knowledge, experience and certification. We provide our certified services in a  professional, knowledgeable and compassionate manner.

Residential Biohazard Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is always prepared 24/7 to service communities dealing with biohazard cleanup throughout Arizona. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord we have you covered. Whether you’re facing a biohazard cleanup or you’re a victim of a crime, you can rely on the professionals at Trauma Cleanup Solutions. We are approved vendors for most major homeowners’ insurance carriers to assist in minimizing the financial burdens you will face handling the loss of a loved one.

Commercial Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup Solutions has over 40+ years of cleaning and can handle a single room or multiple floors needing service. If your building complex or property has been subjected to biohazards or is now a crime scene needing professional biohazard mitigation, we are here for you 24/7. We are always prepared to work with site superintendents, risk management teams, building owners, and management companies to minimize exposure and risk.

Industrial Accidents

Whether you manufacture homes, operate a mining operation, or handle fulfillment services with machinery running around the clock, we are always prepared to respond 24/7. Trauma Cleanup Solutions understands workplace incidents happen whether its blood, bodily fluids, or death our team of professional biohazard technicians is always available to get your operation back up and running.

Vehicle Decontamination

Trauma Cleanup Solutions has performed hundreds of vehicle decontaminations. We have worked with regular automobiles, tractors, trailers, helicopters, buses, boats, RVs and an airplane. A “car accident” is not the only type of accident involving a vehicle. Vehicle decontamination can include illnesses, death, dismemberment, and expulsion of bodily fluids. We are here and always prepared to get you back up and rolling.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is Quality

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, our team is comprised of experts in Biohazard remediation, blood-borne pathogens and helping people in their time of need. Most of our technicians are former military and law enforcement and have extensive experience and knowledge in many sectors of the cleaning and mitigation industries. Trauma Cleanup Solutions also has a billing specialist who handles the claims process from start to finish. The benefit for a claims advocate, is our clients have minimal involvement dealing with adjusters who are not trained in meeting the needs of a family who has just lost a loved one.

Industry Best Products

We can accommodate requests for Environmentally Safe Green cleaning agents, in most cases. We do use Industrial/Medical Grade Products, registered and accepted by all regulating agencies on all Biohazard cleanups. All of our products and equipment are designed specifically to exceed industry standards and safety, we do not use over the counter products.

Pride in Service Commitment

When you call the Trauma Cleanup Solutions team, you are calling the best! We take pride in our commitment to service our clients! The consistent training and continuing education are the reason we provide a pride in service guarantee. We have serviced hotels, restaurant chains, major corporations, healthcare facilities and residential communities with 100% satisfaction.


Our management and technicians have provided the southwestern United States with service dating back to the 1980s. Being natives of Arizona we understand all the complications and challenges associated with the dry heat the valley of the sun is known for. We have protocols to minimize the risks that can be present during these let our experience provide you the peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


Although every scene is different you can expect honesty from Trauma Cleanup Solutions. We will always encourage you to consider working with your homeowners’ insurance. They are prepared to handle these losses and understand that sometimes there are unforeseen issues that arise. If you choose to pay cash you will receive a scope of work to explain the price and process


Yes. We carry general liability insurance, pollution liability insurance, and professional liability insurance. We are also one of a few companies that are bonded for added protection for our clients.


This is a very tricky question to answer. In most cases we can release a scene with 48 hours but on occasion we will need to retain scene integrity for a few days. The reality is that until the job has been started it is too soon to quote a time on these types of jobs.


While we cannot definitively answer this question for every policy, the short answer is no. In most cases people don’t often use their homeowners’ policies for small claims such as water losses, or minimal damage. Our services tend to be more in-depth and require special training so the insurance carriers are prepared to handle these losses prior to underwriting.


Yes. We take pride in our staff. We do not discriminate against criminals but we do understand the concern a family would have if we hired criminals. We do not hire people with criminal histories or drug problems. We conduct random drug testing and annual background checks to ensure our staff is honest with us so we in turn can be honest with our clients.


Yes. We take pride in our business. When a company says they operate unmarked vehicles this should concern you, what are they hiding? We often ask people, would you want unmarked fire trucks? Our vehicles are professionally marked with non-descriptive markings simply identifying the company name and contact info. This way our technicians will show up in a vehicle and you can feel safe it’s not just a couple guys in a white moving truck.