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Biohazard Cleanup Services in Arizona

We define biohazard as a biological waste, which is waste dispersed from humans and animals. Many times, this waste can be infectious, dangerous and potentially very harmful to those who are unaware and do not possess PPE (personal protection equipment.) This is where OPIM (other potentially infectious material) becomes true biohazards, therefore requiring an experienced biohazard cleanup service. Any biological or chemical substance that is considered harmful to animals, humans and the environment is classified as a biohazard. If biohazard cleanup services are not performed by trained technicians, the consequences can be life-threatening. Biohazard cleanup requires a step-by-step process and the same goes for medical waste cleanup. There are strict protocols for every biohazard and trauma scene cleanup process

Human Remains Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup Solutions performs professional biohazard cleanup. Our biohazard waste cleanup services are done with the best commercial and hospital grade decontaminating chemicals. When there is a death, blood and bodily fluids will be present. These are biohazards and should be treated as such. The aftermath of a loved one passing away can be quite traumatic. It shouldn’t be the family’s responsibility to deal with a family death cleanup. If it was classified as an undiscovered death cleanup scene, more often than not the body was there for many days. A traumatic death cleanup is not something any family member should attempt. The best way to remain safe is for your family and friends to call us if you have an unattended death in your home. We are here to clean any biohazard scene in your home, business or workplace 24/7. We have all the tools and equipment to secure a biohazard scene and contain the spread of dangerous pathogens in the area. Rest assured, we do every death cleanup as if it was in our own house.

After Death Cleanup

Our biohazard cleanup services cover a broad range of related death cleanup. The process of after death cleaning on a site is dangerous. We make sure our staff has zero exposure when performing any type of trauma cleanup. Blood and bodily fluids from a death scene are the most common biohazards that will contaminate your home or business. In the event there is a decomposition cleanup, typically the entire house is classified as a biohazard cleanup. The entire enclosed environment will be subject to bloodborne pathogens from the deceased. We are here to contain and safely remove those dangerous materials from your home or business. We will ensure the scene is restored to its original condition before there was a trauma event. Rest easy if you had a traumatic event in your home and need a biohazard cleanup crew. We will be there for you. We arrive with all the PPE, top-notch cleaning agents and experienced biohazard cleaning technicians. You do not have to worry about cleaning up a death scene. That’s our job. We have several trained technicians that will remove all biohazard contaminates from your home and dispose of them per ADEQ and OSHA regulations.

When You Call for Biohazard Cleanup

Here at Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we are always on standby for the next call. We will respond quickly and are equipped to remediate any type of biohazard cleanup scene you have. Our goal is to alleviate this quickly and precisely. If your home or business has had a death and there is blood or bodily fluids left behind, call us! We can arrive and provide you with options of forensic death cleaning. We will also submit a detailed quote at no cost to you. There are many biohazard cleanup companies however we stand out because we will systematically clean and remove and properly dispose of all contaminated items.

Biohazard Cleanup Experts All Agree

  1. Stay at least 10 feet from the death scene. 
  2. Prevent cross contamination. 
  3. Family members should not view at a suicide cleanup scene
  4. Let professionally trained technicians assist you with items you need. 

The best thing you can do if you have a scene you think needs biohazard cleanup is call us. We can help over the phone to better determine if in fact you need one of our many services related to a death cleanup. Our job is to assist you in sorting things out after a traumatic death, suicide or unattended death. These are our areas of expertise. We do this everyday. 

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is available 24/7 to provide you with the best biohazard cleanup services in Arizona. If you or someone you know needs immediate cleanup involving blood, bodily fluids, or any other biohazard, call us today!

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