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The Fastest Response Biohazard Cleanup Company in Arizona

Trauma Cleanup Solutions provides the fastest response to trauma cleaning, not only in the Phoenix metro area, but the entire state of Arizona. We respond quickly to biohazard cleanup needs for: homes, apartments, commercial properties, hotels, and workplace accidents at businesses. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can swiftly remediate most trauma and crime scenes within hours. The last thing you should expect is a slow-moving company that does not make you a priority. We emphasize expedited arrival times to perform our expert trauma scene cleanup to get your home or business back to pre-traumatic event status. 

Crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup and other trauma cleaning services are a specialty service of ours. The cleaning of blood and other biohazards is highly regulated, done with proper training, commercial grade chemicals and PPE.

Our Commitment to You

We understand there are multiple challenges when a traumatic event occurs, whether in your home or business. We work directly with families, law enforcement, and businesses to quickly restore a trauma or crime scene to its original state. Our specialized trauma cleaning team is committed to the highest level of safety and expert service. Our focus is ongoing training for our entire team, while maintaining full compliance with all county and Arizona state laws. 

Every trauma cleanup is different and every trauma and crime scene assessment is different. That’s where our expertise comes in. Being on-site quickly to make the right decisions for our clients is key. Let us assess the trauma scene at no cost and make the safest recommendations to you for complete remediation of the incident.

Let Us Provide the Expert Trauma Cleaning Required

Most people don’t realize the many risks involved if they attempt to clean up a trauma or crime scene themselves. This is NOT a DIY situation. DO NOT try to even clean a little bit. You will undoubtedly spread out the scene and further cross-contaminate the entire building. There are many contagious diseases and infections that may survive outside of the body. Do not expose yourself, your family or friends to these dangerous hazards. There is really no need for family members to view, move items or even try to clean up after a traumatic death event. Be aware of the possible exposure to communicable diseases, blood borne pathogens, infectious bacteria, along with the emotional and visual trauma that comes with a terrible after death cleanup tragedy. Allows us here at Trauma Cleanup Solutions to process the cleanup. We will remove items deemed non cleanable for medical waste disposal. We will work to restore the traumatic death cleanup scene and we will also set aside and ask if you want to save what is considered non-porous.

We Are Often Asked – What’s the Cost for Trauma or Death Cleanup?

Beware of companies that claim to waive the deductible. We will present the trauma cleanup to your insurance company professionally. This is not a decision any contractor or vendor can make for you. Your homeowner’s insurance adjuster could become suspicious of any contractor making that claim. They will probably assume the contractor will add in the deductible into the final invoice. This commitment is a questionable business practice. We are totally transparent and upfront with the business side of providing the expert trauma cleanup, but also working with you on payment. 

In most cases, our home-related death cleanup services are covered by homeowners’ policies or business insurance policies. We propose you get the cleanup done quickly. There are many options and directions for payment. We can assist you in finding some financial assistance from one of the Arizona state agencies. Trauma Cleanup Solutions is here in your time of need. We aim to restore any residence back to before the trauma in your home or business, rapidly and professionally.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions provides the best traumatic death cleanup services in Arizona 24/7.

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