Medical Waste Cleanup


Every company providing crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup and suicide scene cleanup collects Regulated Medical Waste from the biohazards generated from humans remains. In Arizona, transporters of Regulated Medical Waste have guidelines to follow set forth by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the Maricopa County Department of Waste Services. These governing bodies issue permits to qualified companies based on the documentation they have provided to prove financial responsibility and training in the event of a spill or leakage that could cause an elevated risk of exposure.

Regulated Medical Waste should be handled by professional biohazard service providers as the potential for health risks are elevated and can cause major illness.

What is Regulated Medical Waste? How does it affect my home? Is your current Crime Scene Cleanup company registered?

If you or your property has been exposed to a crime scene, suicide, or blood and bodily fluid accident hiring a biohazard cleaning company should be a priority. When Regulated Medical Waste is present it can have a negative effect on the property value both from a sales and rental perspective. The experience of our staff on the what, where, and how to look for the presence of blood, bodily fluids and the remaining potentially infectious material is a crucial part of what we do. Whether it’s located on the structural parts of the property or the contents we will find it all and ensure proper removal and disposal, in a compliant manner.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions has all the proper documentation to ensure proper records are kept for our clients so they can prove proper mitigation was performed.

Call us for workplace accidents involving Blood and Bodily Fluid cleanup, our expert staff has trained on the OSHA guidelines for PPE, OSHA Blood-borne Pathogens, and we adhere to the guidelines set by the IICRC S540 and ADOSH. Fluids like blood, saliva, vomit, urine, feces and other pathogens pose a tremendous health risk, especially for workers who may already be sick. Hiring a company who is inexperienced because of they offer a lower price will most certainly cost you more in the future. Consider the liability of not containing blood or bodily fluids in a restaurant setting, or having vomit or feces discharge in a grocery store not cleaned up properly. These are the situations you should prepare if the Regulated Medical Waste is not contained, disinfected, and disposed of properly. 

  • Regulated Medical Waste is not just blood and includes a variety of materials. Every material generated should be disposed of properly and in a specific way. For instance, at trauma scenes if the Paramedics were there to assist someone who had some type of injury, they typically will leave blood-soaked material that is contaminated, like gloves, towels, used syringes, and several types of blood-soaked gauze. This is not intentional but in an emergency situation their goal is life saving measures not cleaning up after themselves.
  • Pathological waste includes the tissues, organs, body parts and fluids which can potentially infect others through contact. These materials must be treated as though they are infectious regardless of the source. Both the material, and the container must be transported by a licensed Regulated Medical Waste Transporter and disposed of properly through a Regulated Medical Waste Treatment Facility.
  • Over-classified waste is a blanket term referring to all other forms of Non-Regulated Medical Waste generated.

Understanding the proper way to eliminate risks of exposure of potential biological hazards one must also be aware of the Arizona Regulated Medical Biohazard Waste Laws, as well as OSHA, EPA, DOT and Maricopa County Waste Authorities.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions owns and operates a company specifically specializing the transportation and disposal of Regulated Medical Waste. If you are searching for a bulk pick up or regularly scheduled pickups, please feel free to visit our company at for all your disposal needs.