Biohazard Cleanup


Biohazard Cleanup and the commonly misused alternative term – crime scene cleanup – are often times interchanged as the two sound like very similar cleaning services. However, in reality, the two services are actually quite different. Biohazard cleanup/remediation is a more specific term used to describe the recovery, removal, cleaning, and disinfection of Biological Hazards such as blood, bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious material after a death, suicide, homicide, illness outbreak, or medical waste spill. Whereas a crime scene cleanup may include the need for biohazard mitigation and cleanup, crime scenes encompass a scene where a crime has been committed such as a drug lab operation or tear gas abatement. Due to high exposure risk of bloodborne pathogens, biohazard cleanup/remediation is a specialty service that requires proper and specific training, equipment, certification, and licensing. Before hiring a company, you should ensure they have the proper credentials to successfully mitigate your property.

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is available 24/7 365 to assist you with all your biohazard cleanup needs. We are Insurance Approved Vendors, which means we can work with your homeowners/business insurance to minimize the financial burden you may face paying for services like these. Call now: (602) 926-7252.

Has your home been impacted by Biohazards?

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we ensure scene and site safety through rigorous protocols developed and proven to be safe and effective by OSHA and the IICRC. Our procedures reduce the risk of cross contamination and spread of biohazards for the property, public, and our staff. Part of this process includes training and the other part is choosing and utilizing the proper equipment. Most importantly, ensuring proper negative air pressure is met along with effective chemical processes otherwise the whole process is ineffective and a waste of resources. If you want your home cleaned up the right way call Trauma Cleanup Solutions now for you no cost evaluation (602) 926-7252.

Did you experience a workplace accident involving Blood or Bodily Fluids?

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is always prepared to help other businesses who have experienced workplace accidents, especially if blood or bodily fluids exposure has occurred. If blood and bodily fluids are present, due to the potential risks involved it is imperative you have them cleaned up by a professional company. You should never ask an untrained employee to “clean that up” as this will further complicate the biohazard cleanup. Trauma Cleanup Solutions, Inc is always available so you can rely on us when biohazard cleanup is required at your workplace (602) 926-7252. If this happens in a workplace setting, ensure your staff follows these two simple tasks:

  • Stay a minimum of 10 feet away as biological pathogens will spread.
  • If you have been exposed, make sure you wash your hands and face.

If your property or business has been exposed to biohazards call us now: (602) 926-7252

Trauma Cleanup Solutions is always available to provide a free no-obligation assessment and quote to clean up the biohazard scene. Our professional staff will handle the entire cleanup ensuring that the property is restored, decontaminated, and all biohazards are recovered.

Our professional staff can mitigate biohazards efficiently and effectively.

Our technicians can handle any scene, any time. We provide services throughout Arizona whether it’s a nice spring evening or it’s a hot July afternoon. Our teams can be on-site in 90 minutes in most cases and this will give you peace of mind knowing you have professionals coming to properly cleanup all the biohazards that have impacted your property.

The Trauma Cleanup Solutions staff has handled biohazard scene cleanups in retail stores, commercial buildings, multi-housing complexes, industrial facilities as well as the automotive industry. Our company is licensed with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to transport Biological Waste so you will only ever have our technicians on-site.

Our staff members are trained via OSHA and the IICRC. We rigorously investigate their backgrounds to ensure if we wouldn’t let them work on our moms’ house alone, we definitely won’t let them work for you.

Although it seems morbid to refer to the loss of a loved one as a potential for the release of biohazards and pathogenic infection, the reality is that this is why a specialized cleaning operation is required. Death is not always the sole cause for the release of biohazards into your home, it is very common to mitigate homes impacted by medical emergencies such as:

  • Bloody Diarrhea
  • Bowel Hemorrhage
  • Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
  • Medical Waste spill/discharge

The professionals at Trauma Cleanup Solutions will always provide you with a complete scope of work including cost of services. We will provide both a written and verbal detailed assessments for all work to be completed prior to initiating the project.

Our goal is simple: Customer Satisfaction.

If you or your business have been exposed to biological hazards please call now for a comprehensive, no cost evaluation of your property. Remember many companies claim they can clean but we’re so confident in our process we put it in our name(602) 926-1252