Trauma Cleanup Solutions offers death clean up, biohazard clean up, crime scene clean up, homicide clean up and suicide clean up services to Sun City, Arizona and the surrounding areas. We handle every case with discretion, dignity and professionalism.

Bodily Fluids Cleanup in Sun City Arizona

Trauma Cleanup Solutions provides the bodily fluids cleanup in Sun City, Arizona 24/7. Unfortunately, bodily fluids exiting the body are not always the result of a death. In fact, the majority of the bodily fluid cleanup services in Sun City are related to medical emergencies. While blood cleanup is a very common call we receive, the fact remains that bodily fluid cleanup in Sun City is also a service we are called for daily.

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions we are prepared to handle any type of bodily fluid cleanup in Sun City and Sun City West, 24 hours a day. Please call us today and do not attempt to handle these types of cleanup services alone.

Unattended Death Cleanup

At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, our call volume is higher during the summer months for unattended death cleanup in Sun City. This is due to a combination of heat and individuals spending more time indoors. Unfortunately, this leads to “out of sight, out of mind,” which is a contributing factor for undiscovered deaths.

If you think your neighbor or someone you know has passed away in their home, the best thing to do is call the police or fire department. Once the authorities have released the property, call the professional staff at Trauma Cleanup Solutions and we will assist you through the unattended death cleanup in Sun City.

Biohazard Cleanup Services

The term biohazard cleanup is a broad description of some type of trauma scene cleaning, unattended death cleanup or any type of a death cleanup scene. The term biohazard is often used by police and the fire department because of their training in death-related scenes. First responders are taught that blood and bodily fluids from a death scene fall into the biohazard category and extreme caution must be exercised.

If you have experienced a death or medical emergency requiring biohazard cleanup in Sun City, please call the professionals at Trauma Cleanup Solutions today for immediate assistance.

Death Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup Solutions provides death cleanup in Sun City almost weekly. Unfortunately, this is due to the aging demographic. The overall population is 38,000, not including Sun City West, which has a population of an additional 26,000. Over 90% of the full-time residents in Sun City are over 65 with an average age of 72. 

You can rest assured that the professional staff at Trauma Cleanup Solutions will take special care of saving the long-lasting collectibles and lifelong memories for the remaining family members.

Blood Cleanup Sun City

Blood Cleanup in Sun City is a very common service we perform. Not all of our blood cleanup jobs are the result of death. We get calls for residents that have slipped or fallen and have seriously hurt themselves. Blood loss cleanup is challenging. If someone has fallen and bled significantly, there tends to be a large area and undoubtedly a spouse or pet will track the blood throughout the house. In the blood cleanup industry, we call this “cross contamination.” A careful inspection of the entire home is done. If there are pets, inevitably we will find blood spots everywhere. 

Call us for expert blood cleanup in Sun City. We are trained and experienced in handling all types of blood cleaning scenes. Even the smallest amount of blood can be technically classified as a biohazard scene. These days it is a good idea to leave the blood cleanup to professionals. 

Trust Trauma Cleanup Solutions to get the job done right on the first time, guaranteed. Call today for a free estimate.