Trauma Cleanup Solutions offers death clean up, homicide clean up, biohazard clean up, crime scene clean up and suicide clean up services to Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding areas. We handle every case with discretion, dignity and professionalism.

Mesa Death Cleanup Services

In 2020, there were 622 natural deaths reported in Mesa, Arizona. A large number of these deaths were in a home, apartment or assisted living facility. In most cases there is some type of death cleanup needed. This can range from a small area of bodily fluids that has excreted from the body to a large, bloodied area where perhaps someone lost their balance and hit their head and bled out. Whatever the situation is, trust our team to handle it.

Mesa Biohazard Services

We are often asked, “what is considered a biohazard cleanup?” Well, the answer is a long one. For the trauma cleanup industry, we mostly deal in blood and bodily fluids cleaning and removal. We do encounter C. diff, MSRA and HIV. If you are not aware or do not have training in safe biohazard remediation, it’s best left to trained professionals.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Mesa, Arizona

We are always on call and standby for crime scene cleanup in Mesa. Our crime scene calls come from police, the fire department and individuals. In many cases police or fire will recommend Trauma Cleanup Solutions because they know we have a great reputation for expert crime scene cleanup in Mesa. They also know we have the fastest response time to every crime scene.  These are trying times for family members if one of them was a victim of a crime. Emotions are high and their loved one might be fighting for their life. A lot of questions are asked and more to remain as the investigation continues on. Soon there will be conclusions and the assailants brought to justice.

Suicide Cleanup Mesa

Suicide Cleanup is an unfortunately a large segment of our business. We do suicide cleanup in Mesa and every city in Arizona. Even if the suicide attempt fails, typically there is a need for attempted suicide cleanup.

When we get a call for service, unfortunately, we will need to ask some difficult questions. Suicide cleanup is often the most difficult service we provide. At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we will do our best to provide you with guidance and compassion to help ease some pain. 

Trust Trauma Cleanup Solutions to get the job done right on the first time, guaranteed. Call today for a free estimate.