Trauma Cleanup Solutions offers death clean up, homicide clean up, biohazard clean up, crime scene clean up and suicide clean up services to Chandler, Arizona and the surrounding areas. We handle every case with discretion, dignity and professionalism

Crime Scene Cleanup in Chandler Arizona

Crime Scene Cleanup in Chandler Arizona is probably more frequent than the general public knows or perhaps wants to know. Chandler Arizona has a population of about 273,000. While the crime rate index stands at 178 (a good number) this is 1.5 times lower than the US average. Like most cities and towns in Arizona and across the nation violent crime is on a steady increase. Since 2006 Chandler has seen a  drastic decline in murders, that being  said  a slight uptick started in 2020 with a number at 8 homicides.   

Crime scene cleanup is not always a “death scene”. A crime scene can be just that, a scene where a crime was committed, some perhaps assaulted or severely injured but not dead. If there was blood spilled, it requires a biohazard type cleaning. Trauma Cleanup Solutions provides this service professionally and with discretion.

Suicide Cleanup in Chandler

Suicides cleanups are the most challenging and are considered by industry experts the hardest types of cleanups. The families and friends of a suicide victim rely on us to take a terrible scene and forever remove it from their home. We do this with great pride in knowing we did really help someone and make a difference today, to complete strangers.

Death Cleanup

In Chandler, a death scene might be a suicide, unattended death or quiet passing away of someone. Preparation for a death cleanup is somewhat the same as a trauma scene cleanup. We inventory many items of PPE, professional-grade chemicals and equipment to handle every situation.

Biohazard Cleanup

The Chandler Police, specifically the criminal investigators, refer citizens to Trauma Cleanup Solutions for biohazard cleaning in Chandler. We are a locally and veteran owned biohazard cleanup company in Chandler. Our response time can be less than 1 hour in some cases. 

Biohazard cleaning means we will remediate blood, body fluids, feces and urine. All these fluids are considered biohazardous and all necessary PPE must be donned at all times when handling any or all of them. We never cut corners on safety protocols, ever. Our training led us to prepare correctly for maximum protection from all pathogens, not just blood borne pathogens. 

Bodily Fluids Cleanup in Chandler

Chandler biohazard cleanup is also common. We have had biohazard clean up scenes in houses, apartments, and condos. It takes proper training to be efficient and have expert results in cleaning bodily fluids. At Trauma Cleanup Solutions, we hold ourselves to a standard of perfection when it comes to our services.

If a biohazard cleanup is not done correctly, the ramifications can be huge. We have no room for “good enough”. We follow strict protocols from OSHA, ADEQ and many hours of training to know the scene is free of pathogens and any other potential contaminants . We eliminate any risk by going above and beyond and repeating it beyond a doubt of a clean status. For any of the above services in Chandler Arizona, give us a call today.  

Trust Trauma Cleanup Solutions to get the job done right on the first time, guaranteed. Call today for a free estimate.