Drug Testing In Arizona

We are well trained to prove illicit drug testing service throughout Arizona.

Onsite Drug testing for:

Hotel Rooms, Rental Cars, Residences Apartments and Workplaces

Trauma Cleanup Solutions provides fast and convenient onsite drug testing, we have a quick response with results back as fast as 48 hours. We are a vendor for one of the largest testing facilities in the country. 

Whether it’s a residence, workplace, or vehicle, we come prepared to test the residue or substance for illegal drugs. We come to the location in question, put on the required PPE and get our test kits out. We can visit any building, vehicle or indoor room and quicky test for all types of drugs, specifically narcotics.

If you see any type of substance, its recommended not to touch it or get close to it, call us, we can test it and you will know. Being within ten feet of powder-like substances thought to be illegal drugs such as fentanyl, meth or cocaine can put you at a very high risk of exposure. And can be deadly. 

Its well documented that five people a day are dying from fentanyl overdoses in Arizona alone. This statistic does not include the many who overdose and survive. Whether it’s an overdose fatality or not what happens most of the times, they have left behind small amounts of the deadly drug. If you see white powder, foil, or drug paraphernalia you should exit the area immediately and call us to test the area. Moving items near the white powder substance can actually activate it and may become airborne.